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1.Silent and effortless closing2.Self-inspected automatically after installation.3.Easy to open, assembly and adjustment.4.Excellent durability.5.Buffering angle for opening and closing.6.Anti-pinch function is protected your hand.7.Advanced sensor with quick reaction function  8.3D adjustment for front panel.9.Front top panel loading capacity: 3-6kgs; 5-9kgs.10.Buffering angle for opening: 125°; time: 0.4-0.8 secs.11.Buffering angel for closing: 55°; time: 1-1.5 secs.
1.Easy to get things from the cabinet.2.The door can stay anywhere.3.Modern technology with innovative design to make easy reaching out.4.Force saving mechanism and door fixing brackets are symmetrical.5.Easy to assemble and quick to adjust properly.6.3D adjustment for front panel.8.Front top panel loading capacity: 3-6kgs; 6-9kgs.9.Buffering angle for opening: 125°; time:0.4-0.8 secs.10.Buffering angel for closing: 55°; time:1-1.5 secs.
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