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Shining Moment of COSSLA at CIFM/ Interzum Guangzhou

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Date: 2018-03-31
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Huang Jingsheng from Cossla Hardware Enterprise: Customer-centric, creates the craftsman quality product.


China Guangzhou International Furniture Production Equipment and Spare Parts Exhibition (CIFM/ interzum guangzhou) opened on March 28th at China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou, China. The exhibition brings the most cosmopolitan, professional and forward-looking new experience to 80,000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries and regions around the world, taking a look at the leading brands around the world and grab the global business opportunities.

Shining Moment of COSSLA at CIFM/ Interzum Guangzhou

Cossla brought new products to the exhibition, showing the new concept of the brand.

At the afternoon of March 29th, Cossla hardware showed several new products to numerous domestic and foreign audiences. During the press conference, Mr. Huang JingSheng, the sale director of Cossla hardware enterprise introduced the brand and the new products to the audiences.


Through this fair, Cossla has shown the mid and high-end and personalized hardware products to some domestic manufacturers and customers. With the most advanced hardware production equipment of the industry, Cossla has always been aligning to the international brand by the quality of basic hardware. In addition, we have several new products already launched into China market. So, we want to spread the concept of Cossla ' China Products, Craftsman Made' to the customers through this exhibition.

Shining Moment of COSSLA at CIFM/ Interzum Guangzhou

Build brand core products to maintain strong core competitiveness

Whatever in the original product phase, the brand or the core competitiveness phase at present, the core competitiveness of enterprises is only an external performance issue that will reflect in the product and market ultimately. In order to build the core products of enterprise, Cossla has made a lot of efforts.


Mr. Huang said, whether the steel, the plastic, or the product appearance, they were all designed diligently and the quality was higher than others. In terms of differentiation, to take an example of the product appearance, we’ve made some personalized processing on the material, such as we use 304 stainless steel to avoid rusting. In product development, we have a strong R&D team to make efforts on the high-end smart hardware field and develop smart hardware constantly.

Shining Moment of COSSLA at CIFM/ Interzum Guangzhou

People-oriented, keep producing the high-quality product

Cossla hardware insists to produce the high-quality product, customer-centric, combined with the product function and customers’ good ideas, we develop the new products along with customers. There are some benchmark enterprises working with us to explore the suitable products for them.


Also, Cossla focus on creating flexible products for customers, it will be easily eliminated by the market if without the ability of innovation in the rapid development period, for example, Porsche created Macan car for Chinese market recent years with the aim of sales increasing. A lot of people want to own a Porsche, but as we know that Porsche is a big brand of high quality and price which only a few people can afford. So, it will block some middle-end customers and the quantity of customers declined. It is in the same situation for the hardware, except the quality guarantee, the price should be affordable to the consumer so as to promote vigorously and let as many as customer to enjoy the high-quality product and reasonable price.

Shining Moment of COSSLA at CIFM/ Interzum Guangzhou

Shining Moment of COSSLA at CIFM/ Interzum Guangzhou

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